Here’s Your Good Morning GIF Of Ryan Gosling Stripping To His Underoos

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Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond The Pines still 2013Good morning peasants who aren't Ryan Gosling. I hope you slept well in your bed that isn't Ryan Gosling's bed and ate a nice, healthy breakfast that wasn't Ryan Gosling's breakfast. I hope your life in general that isn't Ryan Gosling's life is treating you extra super well today, because while you were doing non-Ryan Gosling things, Ryan Gosling was stripping down to his underoos in a delicious good morning GIF. Such classic Ryan Gosling behavior.

I don't know about you, but I still wasn't fully recovered from the last Ryan Gosling GIF that crossed my path. (Oh and just as a head's up, I'm planning on using his full name at least twenty-five more times in this post, so just be prepared for that.) You know the one, where he takes of his shirt in Crazy Stupid Love and beckons at Emma Stone to come jump on him, right before she tells him he looks Photoshopped?

Ryan Gosling shirtless GIF Okay yeah I just put it in anyway. Because it's absurd. HE HAS A FOUR PACK ABOVE HIS SIX PACK. How did he get that there? I need answers.Ryan Gosling stripping GIF

Anyway. This new GIF is from a deleted scene from the movie The Place Beyond The Pines, one of a few that was released last month, and it shows Ryan's character Luke stripping down when he's taken in to jail to start his sentence. I'm gonna include the YouTube clip of the full scene below, in case you're in a group of people and need to pretend like you're interested in it for more than just almost-nakey Ryan Gosling, but if you're cool with yourself like I am, feel free to just watch the GIF on loop at the top of this page. It's a great way to kill an hour or five, y'know? Own your obsession.

Just look at all his silly tattoos! And his silly leg muscle that legs aren't supposed to have. Correction. A silly leg muscle that all non-Ryan Gosling legs aren't supposed to have. Glad we got that figured out..

(Image: Huffington Post)