Try Not To Be Jealous Of Aidy Bryant For Flirting With Ryan Gosling In His SNL Promos

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Try Not to Be Jealous of Aidy Bryant for Flirting With Ryan Gosling in His SNL Promos Ryan Gosling Aidy Bryant SNL promo jpg

Start composing a viewing party guest list for this weekend, because your boyfriend is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time ever. Or rather, I should probably say that our boyfriend is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time ever, because that’s truly what Ryan Gosling is, and sharing is caring. But try not to get too mad at sister girlfriend Aidy Bryant for hogging him during the new promos for this week’s episode. You’d do it too if you were in her shoes.

In fact, I give her props for doing more than just standing there staring at Ryan with wide eyes and saying some variation of “GHRWEIGHLAHGOARSGHEIPF.” Give or take a G. She actually uttered real words, which is already light years more impressive than whatever I’d come up with in the Gosling’s presence. So she shouldn’t be too embarrassed that her attempts at flirting didn’t exactly go according to plan. Writing that she and Ryan should kiss passionately on the cue cards and then drawing hearts around it was a noble effort, but sadly Ryan saw right through it. He’s so perceptive, that boyfriend of ours, isn’t he?

Anyway, Aidy wasn’t the only one to embarrass herself in these promos. If Ryan ever tries to tell anyone about that time she used a terrible pickup line on him, she can just talk about the time he spat on a baby. Meh, that might not work, though, because I have a feeling even a baby, in its limited pop culture knowledge, would find out that the spit came from Ryan Gosling and be all, “I’m never washing my baby face again.” But, you know, in baby language. Which is interestingly the same language I would use if I ever met Ryan Gosling (see above). We’ve come full circle.