When Ryan Gosling Laughs On SNL, Everyone Laughs On SNL

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When Ryan Gosling Laughs on SNL  Everyone Laughs on SNL Ryan Gosling SNL jpg

I’ll warn you now, if you’re not a fan of “breaking” in SNL sketches, you won’t like this sketch I’m about to show you. If, however, you thoroughly enjoy watching people barely hold it together during a hilarious sketch, especially if one of those people is Ryan Gosling and he eventually devolves into a fit of giggles, then this video is perfect for you. Watch it to distract yourself from the torture that is waiting for Kimye to announce the name of their newborn son.

The sketch is called “Close Encounter,” and it comes just in time for the X-Files revival next month. Three alien abductees share the details their experience, but two of them seem to have had a much better time of it than the third, who just so happens to be Kate McKinnon. So really, who can blame Ryan for cracking up? To be fair, giggles seem to be bubbling to the surface for pretty much everyone starting very early in the sketch. But by four minutes in, both Aidy Bryant and Ryan (who already formed a bond during their promos last week) have officially lost it.

You might think there’s no way Ryan Gosling could get any more adorable than he already is, but it turns out watching him chuckle into his hand while the audience completely loses it with him really does the trick. He’s being so obvious (but trying to be so not obvious) about it that Cecily Strong looks over at him while she’s delivering her line and ad libs that “he’s crying” over how beautiful his alien experience was. Hey, if you sat mere feet away from Kate McKinnon talking about getting her knockers batted around by little grey aliens, you’d lose it too.