Ryan Gosling Saves Woman From Oncoming Car In New York, Cements Batman Status

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Ryan Gosling saves woman taxi Laurie Penny New York City

You'd buy Ryan Gosling as Bruce Wayne, right? Quietly weaving his way through the city — I saw him once at NYU but nobody blinked twice — until he spots potential disasters. Then, without any fanfare, he slips in and saves New York City's citizens or visitors from a violent end. First he broke up a fight over a painting, and now he's saved a woman from being hit by a taxi.

British journalist Laurie Penny tweeted about the incident last night: She wandered into the road and didn't look the right way since she's used to the cars coming from the opposite way, but the Place Beyond the Pines star saw a taxi hurtling toward her and grabbed her back. Here's the story, in reverse-chronological order:

Laurie Penny Ryan Gosling save from car Twitter

One detail that makes me smile is that Laurie notes her new pink wig but doesn't tell us if Ryan were wearing another pattern-clashing gym outfit. Other news outlets reporting on the random act of goodwill have cracked jokes about other women throwing themselves into traffic hoping that Ryan will swoop in to rescue them, but the real risk seems to be overdramatizing this situation. This morning Laurie tweeted that her phone was ringing off the hook with media requests for interviews and beseeched, EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CALM DOWN ABOUT RYAN GOSLING NOW.

She's right, but can you begrudge us our envy of her living out something that sounds like the plot of an actually good rom-com?