Even Though The Rumor Is Now That Ryan Gosling Is Proposing To Eva Mendes, I Still Refuse To Believe It

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Ryan Gosling propose Eva Mendes National Enquirer fake anniversary

Just a few weeks ago, super-reliable anonymous sources “let slip” that Eva Mendes was getting ready to propose to boyfriend Ryan Gosling on their one-year anniversary because she wants a baby and he wants to put a ring on it first. At the time, we called bullshit, mostly because Ryan would never let a woman propose to him. Well, send out the dogs, because rumor has it that Ryan's taken back his balls and decided to propose, dammit!

This “news” comes from the National Enquirer, which I might call actually less reliable than an unnamed source. They continue the narrative that the first report wove, about it being all about Ryan and Eva clashing on when and how to bring children into the world. (Which, to be fair, those kids would be gorgeous.) Here's what they have to say:

”Ryan is head over heels in love with Eva and he wants to have a life with her, including children. It's something Eva has balked at in the past but Ryan has a charming way of helping her see a different kind of future. She's getting on board with the idea of marriage. He is now confident when he pops the question she will say yes. Ryan wants children, as does Eva, but also believes in marriage and youngsters growing up knowing mommy and daddy are committed to each other.”

Would that “charming way” be something along the lines of this?

Ryan Gosling shirtless gif Eva Mendes propose fake story

Thought so. I could've told you that much. Nope, I'm still not convinced that any of this is true. Part of it is self-preservation, because the thought of Ryan settling down gives me that unpleasant stomach-plummeting-to-my-feet feeling. Seriously, after losing Ryan Reynolds earlier this week, it's simply cruel to tease us with these rumors. We expect Ryan to carry on his mentor George Clooney‘s banner of bachelorhood and date some lithe young thing for a year or two, tops, cart her along to the Oscars, and then move on to the next starlet.

Really, you would think the tabloids would be satisfied with the Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively wedding and leave poor Gosling alone!

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