Video: Your Boyfriend Is Circulating An Attack Ad To Make You Stop Liking Ryan Gosling

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In this current election season, there have been many negative attack ads circulating about Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and a host of candidates for local office. But in the midst of all this, it's important not to forget who the real bad guy is: Ryan Gosling.

What? You heard me! You may think your beloved Baby Goose is a modern day hero who saves people's lives and cares about your feelings, but in reality he's nothing but a shady, shifty, puppy-kicking ne'er do well.

According to the above video, Ryan Gosling's numerous crimes include:

-Not caring about other people

-Being sick of George Clooney

-Breaking Sylvester Stallone‘s leg in three places

-Spitting in little kids' faces

-Fueling one of the worst wars in the world

-Throwing knives at the other kids during recess as a child (this one actually happened, apparently)

Will this be enough to sway you from his sensitive, strangely accented ways? Probably not. But your boyfriend figured it was worth a try.

(Via Hollywood.com)