Little Ryan Gosling Performing In A Mormon Talent Show May Be The Cutest Thing He’s Ever Done

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Ryan Gosling Mormon talent show kid Mickey Mouse Club video "Everybody Dance Now"

This weekend, I caught Crazy, Stupid, Love on TV and swooned over Ryan Gosling all over again. He's just so sculpted and smiling that secret smile and… guh. But what's really interesting about the guy is how many phases he's gone through in his 31 years. Because before he was this modern, sensitive Adonis, he was a gawky, soulful outcast in various indie films like The United States of Leland. And before that, he was a little Mormon boy enthusiastically performing in talent shows.

We already knew that Ryan starred on The Mickey Mouse Club with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, but it turns out he got his start as a cute-as-a-button kid in Canada. He and his older sister Mandi would do these little choreographed dance sequences at competitions, but also as the entertainment at weddings. I don't want to subscribe to stereotypes, but are little Mormons-in-training really allowed to gyrate their hips like that to “Everybody Dance Now”?

You can see it in his face—even as a ten-year-old, he knows what a hit he is with the audience. And you can bet he drew on those dance skills when he and Emma Stone recreated the iconic Dirty Dancing sequence in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Photo: Elena Aronsson