In Case You’re Not Jealous Of A Teen Right Now, Read This Note Ryan Gosling Sent To One

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Ryan Gosling Candid Photo Outside  7-12-2012

Oh it's Wednesday. Otherwise known in media elite circles as Hump Day. What better way to celebrate this international day of humpage than with a heartwarming story about Ryan Gosling that will make you want to do something crazy. Like marry him. And procreate with him. And take all kinds of cheesy Sears family photos every Christmas to send to your family to remind them you — yes you the girl who everyone thought would amount to nothing more than mediocre — married Ryan Gosling.

Like all great stories, this one begins in a local newsroom in Los Angeles. KTLA Entertainment reporter Sam Rubin recently got the chance to interview Ryan Gosling about his upcoming movie The Place Beyond the PinesAlthough he wasn't super jazzed about the interview, his 17-year-old daughter Perry forced him to go and get an old little-known Gosling record signed. So Sam Rubin did what we wish all our dads could do and went to interview Ryan Gosling on behalf of his daughter.

Ryan Gosling happily signed the record with the message, “Perry, we have to stop meeting this way.”

Perry we have to stop meeting this way

The 13-year-old fangirl hidden inside of me cannot stop screaming. That's not just an autograph, but like the world's best autograph. It's chockful of innuendo and rom-com movie lines and the hope that they could eventually meet again and Perry could be all like, “It's me. Perry. Perry from the record.” And Ryan would be all like, “I know. I would know you anywhere Perry.”

Watch the full interview here and prepare to be very jealous of a 17-year-old. Slash angry at your dad for not being Sam Rubin.

(Photo: Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews.com)