The New Gangster Squad Trailer Has More Ryan Gosling, Which Is For The Best

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Gangster Squad new trailer Ryan Gosling movie theater shooting Aurora deleted scene Emma StoneIt's been a quiet couple months for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone‘s sultry new period drama Gangster Squad: After the devastating shootings in Aurora, Warner Bros. opted to entirely scrap the movie's final scene, a climactic shooting in a movie theater, and replace it. Reshoots meant they pushed the movie's release back from September to January, and since then we haven't heard much.

With still a few months til Gangster Squad hits theaters, there's a new trailer out—and it's clear just from these two and a half minutes that the studio has hit upon a new marketing strategy. You'll see that the new trailer focuses much more on Gosling, who plays LAPD Sgt. Jerry Wooters. Along with a handful of other police officers, he infiltrates the world of legendary gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) and seduces away his beautiful young girlfriend (Stone).

There are a lot of edits where Ryan Gosling spouts one-liners like “Well, you gotta die of somethin'” while looking dramatically into the camera. Yet he still has that charm we love in his roles when he's nonchalantly chatting up Emma's character in the bar despite her being Mickey's property. Yeah, I get a very Gangs of New York vibe here, albeit a much more classy telling of the story. Speaking of that movie, there's also the question here of how deep Gosling's character gets into this world, like the part where he's advancing on his latest victim and the guy says, “You won't shoot me, you're a cop!” Gosling grimly responds, “Not anymore” and pulls the trigger.

But of course the most pressing question on people's minds is, how did cutting the movie theater scene affect the movie? It's difficult to tell just from a trailer, of course, but clearly the violence is alive and well in Gangster Squad. We're witness to Gosling shooting a mob guy point-blank, Cohen setting some poor wretches on fire in an elevator, drive-bys, explosions, and shoot-outs in every locale other than a movie theater. There are scenes that happen so fast, it's unclear if it's a squad of gangsters or cops infiltrating a place with guns drawn.

I still applaud the studio for cutting the scene and delaying the movie's release, because this coming out in September as it was would have been far too emotionally devastating (and perhaps come across as callous) for many people. And yet, there's still just as much violence that might still affect someone who's experienced, say, a drive-by shooting or murder on the street.

Gangster Squad comes out January 11th. Are you still excited for the movie?

Photo: Warner Bros.