Ryan Gosling Tells An Adorable Story About His Childhood, Inspires Me To Go Back In Time And Babysit Him

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Ryan Gosling Kid PhotoEvery time you don't think Ryan Gosling can charm you anymore, he pulls another anecdote out of his seduction closet and does it again. Today's tale comes from the upcoming HBO documentary called Seduced & Abandoned. And no, before you freak out that you're featured in it, it's not a documentary about a bunch of twenty-somethings telling their dating horror stories. Rather it's a documentary about making movies. Hence why they interviewed Ryan Gosling. As you may know he's not only in the movies, but he also just started making them. His directorial debut of How to Catch a Monster comes out in 2014 and we're sure it will be great. Just kidding, we're just sure it will do really well because everyone lurves a little Gos in their life.

And speaking of little Gos, here's the adorable story he shared in Seduced & Abandoned that comes to us via Vulture:

…as a little kid, he was so movie-obsessed the only way his mother could punish him was by taking them away from him. “I loved movies so much,” he jokes (I think), “sometimes, I'd shove them down the front of my pants. I liked the way they feel.”

Just like Vulture, we're not sure if he's kidding or not about shoving movies down his pants. But can't you see him falling asleep, hugging his favorite VHS tapes closely. I can. But that's because I have a vivid imagination and also a memory of always putting my favorite things in bed with me. Stuffed animals stages weren't a big deal, but roller blades proved to be more of a challenge. Try sharing a twin with wheeled objects, it's not as simple as it sounds. I suppose my parents are just lucky that I never went through that classic childhood cutlery stage that you hear about so often.

While I have a long list of things I'd like to do when time travel gets invented (and becomes affordable), babysitting a young Gos is now pretty high up on my list. Right in between walk Airbud and invent/copyright the concept of GIFs.

(Photo: Moviecitizens.com)