Ryan Gosling Continues To Make A Bloody, Beaten Face Look Hawt

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Ryan Gosling continues to be totally droolworthy with the release of even more bloody and beaten-up photos from his upcoming movie Only God Forgives. I don't mean to go all 1980's Dream Phone on you, but I could look at these photos of him with blood dripping down his face all day long. Add in the bruises and OMG, there goes my weekend.

Slash, really? Why are we all obsessing over these photos of Ryan Gosling looking like a hot mess. And not like a Lindsay Lohan hot mess. Like an actual victim of a hot mess. The last time I remember seeing someone so destroyed was when Alex Mack got hit by that truck carrying radioactive chemicals.

And in even more horrible news, the actual movie sounds dreadful. From IMDB, “A Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster settle their differences in a Thai-boxing match.” Really? Why? Why would anyone ever do that?  I know I wouldn't. And I'm an authentic gangster. (According to Halloween 2008 photos at least.) Also, that's the whole movie? Two hours of people settling their differences? Seems a little drawn-out. I mean, we're all human beings, how many differences can we possibly have?

Guess we'll have to wait for the movie to find out.

Until then it seems that Ryan's bloody face will be the Anne-Hathaway-Weight-Loss-PR-hook for this movie. So look forward to a lot more photos of him settling his difference in a Thai-boxing match.

(Photos: Premiere Magazine Via Film Stage)