Watching Russell Brand Shut Down Matt Lauer On Katy Perry Questions Is Delightful

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Russell Brand on the Today show with Matt Lauer October 2014I'm never quite sure how I feel about Russell Brand. Sometimes he does things I'm not super fond of, like ending a marriage with a text message, but other times he shuts down Matt Lauer on national television, and all is forgiven.

Russell was on the show to promote his new book Revolution, which I'm sure is quite interesting, as Russell is A. super knowledgeable and B. not at all shy about sharing his opinions, but it was clear from the beginning that Matt was way more interested in asking questions about Russell's drug use and his brief marriage to Katy Perry. Just like Rachel McAdams can't do an interview without getting questions about The NotebookRussell can't do one without getting quizzed on Katy Perry. Just look how Matt started the interview:

Matt: “I think people hear your name, they think comedy, some may think Katy Perry, for whatever other reason, I think — ”

Russell: “I was married to Katy — they've made that association there.”

I'm obsessed! The speed at which Russell shut down Matt's weirdly coy comment about Katy is just so delightful to me. I'm not sure why Matt was acting like he didn't know why their names might come up in conjunction with one another, but I love that Russell didn't go along with it and just called it out. Say what you will about him, but the man isn't bashful.

Which is probably good, because Matt still had a few attempts to get Russell to bad-mouth Katy up his sleeve. Including a bizarre word association round when Matt fired off the word ‘regrets??' and then when Russell gave him a song lyric instead of what he wanted, he narrowed it down even further to ‘regrets…about marriage??'

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I see what you're doing there, Matt, but you're bound to be disappointed, because the only thing Russell shared is that ‘Katy Perry is an amazing person', and that the best way to get over a marriage is to grow a big beard and walk around in pajamas. Word.