Russell Brand Manages To Be Polite While Telling A Heckler To Shove His Insult Up His You-Know-What-Hole

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Russell Brand will forever remain an enigma to me. And not only because I'm attracted to his unkempt hair and unclean look. It's also because he somehow manages to always straddle the line between being a cocky little shit and being a chivalrous gentleman perfectly. Take his response to a heckler at a recent show as a great example of this line straddlation.

He's finishing up his set (that's the word we use at comedy shows, right?) and someone in the audience shouts “Gandhi was a cunt.” Which is not only factually incorrect, but also completely unnecessary. But you know hecklers! They'll shout out whatever's on their mind, even if their mind's a total wasteland, devoid of everything except old episodes of Two and a Half Men and the happy hour deal at Applebee's.

Rather than freak out or ignore him, Russell tore into him. But in the most pleasant way possible. Like a parent who's disappointed with all of his adult child's choices, but still willing to let him live on the futon in the basement. Or a therapist who's struggling to understand how his twisted patient's mind works, but still devoted to getting him to a place where he won't be a danger to society.

Basically, he keeps his voice completely calm while making sure the heckler knows he's an extremely troubled individual — so troubled that shoving small pieces of paper into his arsehole would actually help him improve himself. And that's what makes the whole exchange perfect.It's not every guy who can say something so foul and make it sound so delightfully pleasant.

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