Russell Brand And Katy Perry Having Trouble Planning Wedding?

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It was recently announced that pop star Katy Perry and comedian Russell Brand are now engaged. But now, reports are that the two of them are having a bit of trouble planning for the wedding because of Russell’s way of laughing everything off.

A source says, “Russ is the kind of guy who sees the funny side of everything and he uses that to his advantage. He deflects most questions about the wedding day with a joke or a wisecrack but now Katy is getting a little fed up with it.

They add, “This is her special day but she feels it’s turning into a big joke. She also fears other parts of their relationship will end up the object of his humor.

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The insider continues,“She loves his charm and wit but she’s having to lay a few ground rules for her sake as well as their future together.”

I’m sure they’re fine…

Image: Bauer-Griffin