Rush Limbaugh Feels The Need To Comment On Beyonce’s ‘Bow Down’ Because He’s Rush Limbaugh

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Beyonce Life Is But A Dream New York Premiere 12 Feb 2013

Welcome to the conversation, Rush Limbaugh. We've been expecting you.

You probably remember last weekend when Beyonce released a song called “Bow Down / I Been On” that made us think she had gotten wasted on St. Patrick's Day and made a horrible mistake. Or she switched bodies with Kanye West in some kind of Freaky Friday mishap. The song features the lyric “Bow down, bitches,” leading a lot of people to comment on the fact that our Queen Bey seemed to be thinking of herself as actual royalty and abandoning her girl power message. Whatever happened to “Independent Women” and girls running the world?

It was only a matter of time before conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh decided to comment on the issue. He's drawn to feminist arguments like an obnoxious moth to a flame, and he's always happy to provide his misogynistic opinion. Oh goodie.

Rush agreed that Beyonce's song was anti-feminist, but for different reasons that make me think he heard the title of the song and quickly said, “No need to hear more! I'm ready to comment on it.” Here's an excerpt of his show's transcript:

“Beyoncé's now saying, ‘Go ahead and put up with it,’ and you know why? I'll tell you why. Because she got married. She's married to [a] rich guy. She's even calling herself Mrs. Carter on the tour. She has shelved Beyoncé. She's no longer being called that. She's gonna call herself Mrs. Carter on the Bow Down, Bitches Tour. That's the title of the single that's fronting the tour. The advice to these women is, ‘Go ahead and put up with it. Put up with it now. Bow down, bitches,” because why? She got married. She married the rich guy and she now understands. She now understands it's worth it to bow down, and so now she's passing on this advice.”

Did Rush Limbaugh even listen to the song or understand the arguments made against it? Because I don't hear anything in those lyrics about bowing down to men. In fact, one lyric in the song is “I took some time to live my life / But don't think I'm just his little wife.” That doesn't sound like bowing down to a husband to me.

The problem with the song's message isn't that it portrays women as submissive to men but rather that it goes against the idea of sisterhood and women supporting each other that Beyonce has encouraged in her music thus far. It suggests that other women should worship at the altar of Beyonce, and it calls her devoted female fans “bitches.” Not exactly a message of girl power, unless we're just talking about one girl's power — hers.

But what else do we expect from Rush Limbaugh? I think he's contractually obligated to comment on any argument where the word “feminism” is brought up. In fact, since I wrote that word just now, I'm expecting him to show up in the room next to me any minute now.

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