Rural Alberta Advantage Played Mercury Lounge

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Alberta, Canada’s Rural Alberta Advantage was in town and played MAxwell’s Thursday night, opened for Passion Pit at Terminal 5 on Friday night, and then played two headlining shows at Mercury Lounge on Saturday night: one early and one late. Their debut album Hometowns was one of my favorites of 2009 and I’ve been waiting to see them live for months.

Rural Alberta Advantage Played Mercury Lounge Rural Alberta Advantage jpg

Although lead singer Nils Edenloff was under the weather so his voice was not at its best, the band played a rousing and energetic set. In fact, the show was much more upbeat then I expected. Drummer Paul Banwatt definitely held the group together, and um, accessory Amy Cole was pretty to look at. She sang a little, jumped around a little, hit a tambourine a few times…let’s just say I could have done what she did. However, the show was fun and I look forward to seeing them when Edenloff’s throat is feeling better. Pictures below in the gallery!

All Images: Devorah Klein