Rupert Sanders’ Wife Liberty Ross Walked In New York Fashion Week Because Why?

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With every day that goes by, I become more convinced that this Kristen Stewart cheating scandal was just a PR stunt. It's increased the popularity of everyone involved, and kept a bunch of paparazzi and bloggers in business, so there really aren't any losers except my own braincells. The question is, who was it orchestrated by? At this point, I'm thinking Rupert Sanders and his wife, Liberty Ross have the most to gain from it. See, we already knew Robert Pattinson and Kristen, but until she was photographed canoodling with him, I wouldn't have recognized the name Rupert Sanders. Obviously I'd heard of the film that they worked together on, Snow White and the Huntsman, but he certainly doesn't have the name recognition of some of the bigger directors.

And then there's Liberty Ross, a name I probably would've gone the rest of my life without recognizing if she wasn't the world's most famous scorned wife right now. She's apparently trying to make it as an actress at the moment, which totally makes sense with the timing of the cheating scandal, and in a move that only served to increase my suspicion, she actually walked in the Alexander Wang show for New York Fashion Week, which is currently going on. Okay, sure, fine, she used to be a supermodel in London, whatever. That makes sense to me. What's a bit of a stretch is the wording in the Radar article:

“Saturday, she may have gotten her revenge.  Her striking appearance in an all white ensemble including a hooded pullover, a laser cut pencil skirt, and ultra-strappy sandal heels got the biggest buzz of the day.”

Really? The biggest buzz of the day? An out-of-work supermodel in a white hoodie-dress with weird cutouts made up as an Egyptian alien? We all really think we would've been this enthralled if she hadn't been supposedly cheated on with one half of a Hollywood power couple? I feel like I'm in that story ‘The Emperor's New Clothes', here. She doesn't even look good, people! We're letting them win!

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)