‘Runaways’ Pics Reveal Racy Side of Dakota

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Dakota Fanning The RunawaysA new batch of promo photos for The Runaways surfaced on a Twilight fan site this weekend, and they're definitely going to appeal to people who like Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, rock and roll, and 1970s music magazines. Instead of your typical film stills, the faux-flashback promo shots were created as if they're actually from the 1970s, feathered hair and heavy eyeliner included. The photos probably won't even be used in the movie (except maybe a “the band is becoming a success!” montage), so the effort to look authentic is even more appreciated.

The film, a biopic about the teenage girl band that launched the careers of Joan Jett and Cherie Curie, garnered generally positive reviews after its Sundance debut, and these photos will definitely add to its positive buzz.

Also sure to add to the buzz: the shot of a lingerie-clad Dakota posing on the hood of a car. It's as if she wants to remind us yet again that she's not the adorable little girl from I Am Sam anymore, she's instead the (still adorable, no matter how hard she tries) teen star who's trying to show us another side of herself. Either way: provocative! Other highlights from this batch of photos are the colorful pages from a mock-Japanese magazine and the overabundance of hairstyles with center parts.The Runaways 1The RunawaysThe Runaways 2