Rumor: RHONJ Star Jacqueline Laurita Is Scared Danielle Staub Will Reveal Her Stripper Past

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It was really surprising when Jacqueline Laurita abruptly dropped out of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion a few weeks ago, citing a Bravo double-cross that put castmate Melissa Gorga face-to-face with her old employer at a strip club. While Jacqueline's refusal to participate seemed like an ethical statement, it turns out it may have been a lot more self-serving than we realized.

Reality Tea got a hold of the newest issue of In Touch Weekly, which has a doozy of a conspiracy theory: Jacqueline was also a stripper — in Las Vegas when daughter Ashley Holmes was just a few years old — and that's how she met her husband Chris Laurita. Though she's confessed her past to her friends, she's now asking them to deny it.

One former friend in particular is who has Jacqueline scared, Reality Tea says: Danielle Staub, who was rumored to be part of the reunion show and is the reason that Jacqueline skipped out. We can see why she's nervous: At the end of September, Danielle tweeted that the RHONJ producers had asked her to film, though she declined; and when one fan asked Jacqueline about the stripper rumors, Danielle stepped in to confirm, she was and then some.

The best part of all this is that some time ago, Jacqueline released an extensive PDF detailing how she and Chris met. She says it's because so many people had been asking her for the details, but we think it was her way of putting out a concrete denial before the rumors got fanned.

Jacqueline claimed that she was “a licensed cosmetologist” in Las Vegas when she met Chris in 1996. However, she also did “modeling” for conventions and noted that she had to rearrange her salon schedule around such short-term gigs. Maybe it's just because I read this after I heard the stripper rumors, but there was something suspect about the part where she writes, I don't really like to call it modeling because it wasn't as glamorous as print work and runway. Could “modeling” be a code word for “stripping”?

It was a trade show in Chicago where she met Chris, though he was living in Jersey at the time. They had a five-year sort-of long-distance relationship because neither was willing to move to the other's side of the country. During this time Jacqueline was also working the graveyard shift as a cocktail waitress at a hotel/casino. Again, code word?

The five-page document seems like a lot, so of course it reminds me of a saying my dad always used: The guilty flee where no man pursueth.

Maybe she realized how suspicious that looked, because Jacqueline's latest denial is direct and brief. Last night she tweeted, In case you were wondering… No, the rumors aren't true. ( You know the ones;0) ) and linked to a YouTube video with the song “Imperfect Girl.”

Speaking of, that's a photo of young Jacqueline from Bravo (via Reality Tea).