Rumor: Hayden Panettiere being peed as she kissed unknown date

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An ugly rumor reared its head Saturday of Hayden Panettiere being oblivious to someone peeing on her as she kissed a “grizzly bear-looking” date.

Hayden Panettiere attended a birthday party at Guys’ Club in West Hollywood last week, and with her was someone who I thought looked like a bodyguard. The New York Daily News reportedthat he was Hayden’s date.

“She had this grizzly bear-looking man with her,” one guest told us. “His name was Vladimir and everyone kept talking about how he was a wrestler.

The guest said she saw Hayden and the man kissing on an outside patio when some drunk party-goer started peeing beside them.

“Hayden was so oblivious. The crowd around the fireplace scattered, but she and the hunky guy just stood there, holding each other and kissing. She was so close, Hayden must’ve gotten some pee on her shoes!” our witness recounts.

I just can’t believe an ounce of this “account”. What do you think?