Rumor Has It Radiohead Will Play At The Occupy Wall Street Protest In NYC Today

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There's this protest going on in New York City's Financial District called Occupy Wall Street. Ask anyone in the city, and you'll hear different explanations for what people are actually protesting: banks, a culture of greed, corporations. They've been at it for nearly two weeks, and have inspired copycat protests in San Francisco and Washington, D.C. But there's one thing that the original group has that the others don't: Rumor has it that Radiohead will play a surprise concert downtown today at 4 p.m.

Gawker first reported the rumor; Occupy's official website has also posted it, though they don't make it clear if they're repeating the rumor or confirming it.

Everyone's pointing to this opinion piece that Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke wrote in The Guardian in 2003 as the reasoning why the band would be willing to involve themselves in this political protest:

The west is creating an extremely dangerous economic, environmental and humanitarian timebomb. We are living beyond our means. The poorest countries need to trade on fair terms with us if they are ever to get off their knees. Handouts are no longer the answer.

…It's nonsense. Why should the most desperate continue to cooperate with such fools when they increasingly have nothing left to lose? They are not seeing the so-called benefits but they are seeing too much of the costs.

…There must be a change to trade rules in favour of the poor and the environment. International human rights must be respected. There must be corporate accountability so that multinationals are taken to task over corruption, human rights and environment abuses.

Yeah, it sounds like he's behind the cause. Other celebrities who've already shown up to lend their support include contentious documentary maker Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon (who's had her fair share of political activism).