Rumor Has It Gerard Butler Hooked Up In A Porta-Potty At Coachella

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Gerard Butler Coachella Porta-Potty mystery brunetteWe were so impressed with Gerard Butler for quietly doing three weeks of rehab at Betty Ford a few months back to kick a prescription drug problem. But if this is how he's coping with no substances, we're not ready to proclaim him OK.

According to a witness speaking to the New York Post‘s Page Six, the actor was running around acting like a middle schooler. Because he couldn't drink, you see. But this teetotaling manifested itself in some pretty immature behavior, including grabbing a girl out of the crowd and freaking with her on an empty patch of pavement. Says the source:

“The two were grinding like they were at a middle school dance. He didn’t seem to care who was watching.”

And just like two kids who want to make out but don't have the option of an apartment or even a car, Gerard and his mystery lady allegedly decided to seek out some privacy… in a Porta-Potty. Yeah, let that settle in for a sec. He really didn't have the entourage or the means to take the lady to at the very least a seedy motel?

Between taking roles in movies like The Ugly Truth, being the star of some gross blind items, and incidents like this, Gerard is doing nothing to dissuade us from envisioning him as a sleazy actor. And he was doing so well two months ago!

Photo: WENN