Rumer Willis Was With Mom Demi Moore The Night She Overdosed

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Rumer Willis Was With Mom Demi Moore The Night She Overdosed rumer willis 2 300 jpgThe most bizarre detail about Demi Moore‘s overdose was that she’d collapsed after doing whip-its—the kind of thing you’d expect from a teenager looking for a quick high, not an esteemed middle-aged actress. But now a new detail has emerged that puts Demi’s odd choice of drug in better perspective: The 911 call reveals that she was hanging out with 23-year-old daughter Rumer Willis.

On the recording, you can hear the guy on the phone to 911 shout out to the others, “Hey, Ru. What’s the name at the gate so that we can buzz them in from here?” It seems pretty likely that “Ru” is Demi’s oldest daughter (with ex-husband Bruce Willis), with whom she was seen in the weeks after her separation from Ashton Kutcher.

Talking about Demi, someone on the phone adds, “She smoked something, it’s not marijuana, it’s similar to incense. She seems to be having convulsions.” Radar Online thinks this could be not Miley Cyrus‘ drug of choice salvia, but a substance called K2 Spice. It’s sprayed with a “synthetic cannabinoid” but isn’t actually marijuana.

We wonder whose idea it was to fool around with this stuff, Demi’s or Rumer’s.

At left is Rumer visiting her mom at the hospital last week, looking frazzled and worried. We hope that Demi has a speedy recovery and that all of her family is able to relax.