Royal Sweeties

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The women who caught the Princes' eyes.

First is William is obviously quite smitten with Kate Middleton

 Prince William

Kate Middleton

Though Wills continues to top lists of the “world's most eligible bachelors”, the reality is that he is very much a taken man. Kate Middleton has been his constant companion during his time at St Andrews, and her presence during family breaks in Switzerland has sent a clear signal that the Prince sees the relationship as a serious one.

Kate, whose parents run a mail-order company supplying children's party accessories, comes from a solidly upper-middle class background. Friends say it was her feistiness and intelligence that first caught the second-in-line's attention, though the pretty 22-year-old brunette, who is credited with persuading William to stay at St Andrews when he was considering dropping out, also made quite an impression when she took to the catwalk in a gauzy, underwear-revealing dress for a student fashion show.

With a degree in history of art, it is thought she will work for a spell at Sotheby's or Christie's. And despite the fact William says he doesn't want to get married for at least another five years, he is expected to personally foot the bill to provide her with a bodyguard. source

Prince Harry and his little blonde honey –

 Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry's girlfriend Chelsy Davy admitted she is madly in love but fears their 18-month romance is doomed.

The 20-year-old Zimbabwean blonde, is said to be particularly concerned about the lack of time they will have together after his recent graduation in April.

“I love him like mad and everything is so good between us – but I don't know how long we can keep being so far apart,” she told one close friend.

 Prince Harry

Obviously both make adorable couples.  Both Prince William and Harry got much of their looks from their mother, thank goodness! 

It's said that their father, Prince Charles has given his approval of both Princess hopefuls.