Crushable Exclusive: Evan Awkwardly Meets Hank’s New Love Interest In This Royal Pains Clip

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Tonight's Royal Pains is a doozy: Hank (Mark Feuerstein) must treat an undercover DEA agent who believes she's suffering from meth toxicity… while she's on a stakeout at an exotic car rally! But since this show always juggles Hank's unusual patients with his personal life, he also has to deal with his new love interest Christina (Ina Baron) meeting his brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo) for the first time.

USA has given us an exclusive clip showing that exact moment, and boy is it awkward. See, Hank hasn't given Evan a heads-up on his lovely new lady, and you can tell that Evan doesn't like being kept out of the loop. We can always count on Paulo Costanzo to give a scene the right blend of silliness and actual emotion.

The best part? Mark Feuerstein gives us a personal shout-out! Now, you may not have heard of this guy until Royal Pains, but I've personally been a fan since the early '00s, when he starred in the sitcom Good Morning Miami and had a supporting role in What Women Want. So, it was fun for him to call out Crushable. Don't miss tonight's episode, 9 p.m. EST on USA!