These Photos Of The Royal Family From Princess Charlotte’s Christening Are Absurdly Adorable

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Every time I see photos of the British royal family I just cannot believe that a group of people can exist in the world and be that adorable all the time. It's just not scientifically plausible. But somehow Prince William, Kate Middleton and little almost-two-year-old Prince George never fail to give me a serious case of contagious joy. Now Princess Charlotte has joined the family, and the adorableness levels have officially broken my adorableness meter. (Yes, that's a thing I have. You don't?)

Just look at these new official portraits from Charlotte's christening, shot by Mario Testino on July 5. There is so much genuine happiness and love contained in these photographs that my heart didn't just grow three sizes, it grew thirty. I'm going to have to have my rib cage adjusted so it'll fit. Look at those four up there. My tear ducts are still a little compromised from that Disney video I watched earlier, so excuse me if I start to cry.

Here's Kate holding Charlotte, who's apparently inherited her mother's penchant for side eye. I'm obsessed.

Official Photographs Of Princess Charlotte's Christening

And I hope you're ready to have your ovaries annihilated when you glimpse this black and white photo of William and George. This is going to be in coffee table books for years to come, I just know it. WHO ALLOWED THIS CUTENESS?

Official Photographs Of Princess Charlotte's Christening

Then there's the portrait of the whole gang, minus Prince Harry, who was on a charity trip to Africa so we'll give him a pass. If you're wondering who that handsome bearded gentleman is, it's Kate's brother James Middleton. Boy oh boy, that family really hit the gene jackpot, didn't they?

Official Photographs Of Princess Charlotte's Christening

Please take note of Queen Elizabeth's handbag tucked neatly by her side, as usual. What does she even carry in there? And can we talk about George's oufit? A Peter Pan collar and socks with shorts? I'm done. I can't handle this anymore. This should be illegal.

(Photos: Mario Testino /Art Partner via Getty Images)