The Royal Family Leaves The Hospital And Makes A Lovely First Appearance

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Kate and William royal baby

Well, that was fast! Just over 24 hours after giving birth to her little prince, Kate Middleton just left St. Mary's Hospital in London with Prince William and the royal baby, whom some are calling Baby Cambridge until we know the name for sure. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance before the press, looking lovely in matching blue outfits and holding their royal baby in an adorable little bundle.

Kate looked absolutely gorgeous as usual, and you'd never know she'd just given birth the day before. Her hair was flawless as always, thanks to a visit from a hairdresser.The couple answered questions and were lovely as always. They declared this to be a "very emotional" time, and William said that their son has "a good pair of lungs on him" and is "quite heavy." He also explained that Baby Cambridge has "got her looks thankfully," and Kate adorably objected. There were also comments about the boy's "tardiness" later in life, as predicted by how long he already made us wait for his arrival. My favorite moment was when William spoke of the baby's hair: "He's got way more than me, thank God."

royal baby cambridge closeup July 2013

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William is already proving himself to be hands-on dad, as he placed the baby carrier into the waiting car himself, then took his seat behind the wheel. That's right. The royal family drove themselves to Kensington Palace, their new home. Just another reason to love this down-to-earth, modern royal couple.

William and Kate royal baby July 2013

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Now that we've gotten our first glimpse, I hope the press can allow Kate some time to recover and for the couple to enjoy the new addition to their family. Hopefully we'll know the name soon, though, so we can stop calling him Baby Cambridge, even though that's starting to sound pretty cute, I must admit. William said they are still "working on a name," so that's promising. Congratulations to the happy family.

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