9 Obvious Signs You’re The Ross Geller Of Your Friends

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Growing up, Ross Geller was definitely not my favorite friend of the group. Chandler Bing was and always will be my favorite, just in case you were wondering. But every time I rewatch Friends, which is very often, I find myself laughing and enjoying Ross more and more. 10 years ago, I was totally on team Rachel when it came to the “we were on a break,” fight. But now, I'm kind of with Ross. While they had been broken up for a very little amount of time and it's still not okay, they were technically on a break! Thanks to David Schwimmer, Ross Geller reminds us of the friend that you appreciate as time goes on.

Chances are, if you can't think of who that friend is in your life, you probably are that friend. Here's some other proof that you might be the Ross Geller of your friend group.

1. People don't really remember what you do for a livingRoss Geller Joey Tribbiani Friends


You probably love your job and talk about it all the time, but sometimes people like to laugh at you and tell you that you're not really a doctor. Just because you have a doctorate, doesn't mean you can tell strangers that you're a doctor, or they're going to look to you for the Heimlich Maneuver.

2. You don't really do well under pressure.

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Your immediate response to a stressful situation is to drink too many margaritas, make weird poetry and scream: “My fajitas!” But, if your lobster is dating one of your best friends, it's easy to freak out.

3. You try not to use profanity, so instead you use gestures.ross geller friends hand sign


Nothing says “eff you” like hitting your hands together and saying it all with your eyes. You never know when your super overprotective parents might be watching.

4. The world always seems like it's out to get you.ross geller friends complaining


Even the smallest things, like a shampoo bottle exploding all over your suitcase, might throw your world upside down. But at least people have a clear knowledge of when to talk to you and when to not.

5. This is your signature dance move.ross geller friends dance


How else are you supposed to show off your muscles and your moves at the same time? It's hard to impress your significant other's dad, especially when your significant other is much too young for you and her dad seems a bit crazy.

6. You weren't exactly the cool kid in school.

ross geller lord of the rings friends


And you still might not be the coolest person, but that's okay. Your friends still love you anyway. But, try not to play any of your experimental music around them, because no one other than you will understand it's depth.

7. It's not uncommon that you have some bad luck.ross geller water ballon friends


Water balloons fall on everyone on their walk to an important meeting right? Right?

8. Your pet is your best friend.ross geller monkey friends


Pets are perfect because they'll cuddle with you and they won't complain about you watching four musicals in a row. They'll also remember you when they're famous and starring in their own movie. Bonus: You can then ride their coattails.

9. Trying new things doesn't always work out for you.ross geller tan friends


But hey, at least you're trying new things. Just try to count a little quicker since counting Mississippily is obviously not working for you.