Rory & Logan: Getting Serious

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In ‘The Great Stink', there are a number of things that seem to trigger a more serious relationship between Logan & Rory.

First off, Logan surprises Rory by not only coming back home (granted, he's there on business), but setting up a romantic dinner on the roof. He has flowers, candles and her favorite foods. Logan is nearly a different man, so self-assured and seemingly pleased with his new career – not like the disaffected rich boy he was before.

The second indication of seriousness is when Rory joins Logan and his business partners for dinner. She meets Bobby, who turns out to be a sexy older woman who is obviously well-admired. And Rory didn't know Bobby was a woman. She gets jealous, also wondering why Logan didn't tell her more about Bobby or the fact that she was a woman. Bobby, to Rory, seems to be pretentious and Rory becomes suspicious of Bobby's intentions towards her man.

But, in the end, Rory admits her jealousy to Logan and they become even closer. Here's that reconciliation:

So, to me, it seems like a) Logan's confidence and b) Rory's jealousy did wonders for their relationship. What do you think?

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