11 Rory Gilmore Quotes That Are Still Relevant To Your Life Today

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Alexis Bledel, better known as Rory Gilmore, turns 32 today. Yeah, you read that right, Rory Gilmore is in her 30s now. If you didn't already feel old, Gilmore Girls started airing 12 years ago, so it's older than every iPod that's ever been sold. And to top it all off, Alexis Bledel still hasn't really found her post-Gilmore Girls calling. But the good news is, Rory Gilmore is actually still relatable over a decade later. Our boyfriends may not have built us a car and we might not have the coolest mom on the entire planet, but we do know that Chinese food is a celebration meal and that coffee is the most important part of the day. Rory Gilmore just always knows what to say.

When a guy gives you a really cheesy pick-up line like: “My magic watch says you're missing your panties. No? Well it must be 10 minutes fast.”

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When your co-workers tell you that you need a significant other that you can't buy at Starbucks.

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When all your friends invite you to brunch and, at the time, you're totally down to meet them at 11 a.m. Then your alarm goes off and your bed is just too comfortable to get out of.

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When a couple is standing near you on public transportation having a gross make-out session that makes you want to gauge your own eyes out.

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When you have a date on Friday night but you've spent all day working and then you had to take that flight of stairs up to your apartment and you're tired and feel like taking a shower.

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When you're dealing with that peppy co-worker who could literally take over the world at 7 a.m.

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When anyone tells you pretty much any good news ever.

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When you meet your boyfriend's parents for the first time and try to be on your best behavior at dinner. I mean, you don't want them knowing that you usually eat in sweat pants while watching a Breaking Amish marathon.

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When Harry Styles decides twerking at the VMAs is a good idea.

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When you have to talk yourself into getting rid of that dress you've had since freshman year of college because it's totally gonna come back, right?

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When you have to interact with people. So essentially, every freaking day of your life.

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