Rooney Mara Replaces Blake Lively In New Steven Soderbergh Film

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Steven Soderbergh‘s new addiction film Side Effects has replaced Blake Lively with Rooney Mara in the leading role, following finance problems triggered by the fact that Lively isn't Oscar-y enough.

Mara will play a pill-addicted young woman who uses various prescriptions to deal with her anxiety over her husband's impending release from prison. Following her Oscar-nominated turn in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Mara is almost definitely a better bet to play such a dark role, but I'm still sad I won't get to see Serena Van Der Woodsen‘s hair and makeup go to shit as she rides the waves of various chemical highs.

According to Deadline, it's still uncertain whether this casting decision will be enough to get the previously gun shy Annapurna Pictures to finance it, but given the named involved, I'm sure someone will step in to provide the cast. Shooting is scheduled to begin in April.

(Via Vulture)