Rooney Mara Says Her Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Merkin Was Like ‘A Fur Bikini’

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Rooney Mara is doing press for her Steven Soderbergh-directed psycho-thriller Side Effects right now, but that doesn't mean she can't still answer questions about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. And what with all the insane mythology surrounding that movie (the starvation diet, the rape scenes, the transformation she went through), it's no surprise that people still want to talk about it.

Last night on Conan, a rather severely dressed Rooney Mara talked a bit about their efforts to adapt the book for the screen. Perhaps hoping for a chance to make a joke about gingers, Conan asked a leading question about how her character is a redhead in the books, and Rooney told the story (again) about how Lisbeth Salander is a redhead who dyes her hair black, and how, to drive that point home, they gave her a red merkin to wear during nude scenes.

Conan got a big kick out of this, and asked her to elaborate. “It's a wig for your ladybits,” she said. “I was naked so much, I wanted one, because it felt like a little fur bikini. It was really cute. It was a cute little fur bikini, and I had them make it strawberry blonde.” It's a testament to Rooney Mara's maturity that she could get these words out without bursting into laughter.

While the idea of a fur bikini might not be sexy to some, I can see how it would be nice to feel like you're wearing something during nude scenes. Rooney said that she still has it; I wonder if she's got it displayed in her home? Did she frame it and put it on the wall? I would.

I will also say that it's nice to see Rooney Mara laugh and smile a little, because I was starting to get worried that no nonsense character would cling to her forever.

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