Woody Allen’s Son Called Him Out On Molestation Allegations During Golden Globes Tribute

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Ronan Farrow American History Museum October 21 2013As much as we loved last night night's Golden Globes, the Woody Allen tribute definitely put a damper on things. And not just because Diane Keaton's acceptance speech rambled on for several hundred thousand minutes. But also because Dylan Farrow spoke out about molestation allegations that she made against her father when she was just 7 just a few months ago. And no, she's not to be confused with the step-daughter Woody ended up leaving Mia Farrow for and marrying. That's Soon-Yi and that story still outdoes everything I've ever seen on Lifetime. Sure, make all the excuses you want. But the man met her she was 10-years-old and dated her mother for several years, making him somewhat of a father figure in her life. Think of the middle-aged men you knew at 10, and now think of them hitting on you the day you turned 18. Please deposit your vomit in the garbage can to the left.

During last night's tribute, Ronan Farrow, Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's son, boldly called his father out on the molestation allegations.

It's horrific enough to be molested as a child by your father, but it must be even more horrific when people continue to celebrate his artistic genius as if the molestation never even happened. Or worse, that it happened but doesn't matter because he's famous. Time and time again we see Hollywood turn a blind eye toward toward men who abuse women and children simply because they're talented. It doesn't matter if it's Woody Allen or Sean Penn or Chris Brown, the attitude continues to be that money trumps morals. So it's good that Ronan spoke up last night, if only to remind the world that writing clever movies doesn't excuse abusing children.

(Photo: Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews)