NBC Totally Wishes Ronan Farrow Didn’t Sully The Globes With His Molestation Shtick

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Ronan Farrow American History Museum October 21 2013Ugh, so you what's totes the worst. When you're like honoring someone on your network and someone publicly points out the the honoree got accused of molesting his 7-year-old daughter. It just, like, I don't know, for lack of a better word, womps. So you can totally understand why NBC's rip roaring mad at Ronan Farrow for bringing up the fact that Woody Allen, his father, got accused by his sister of molesting her as a child. Even though he was never convicted, it's obvious that Ronan's still convinced that his father did it. So convinced, in fact, that he tweeted about it while Woody Allen won a lifetime achievement award at the 2014 Golden Globes. If Ronan was just Woody Allen's son, NBC would've surely been annoyed by what he did, but they would've moved on because such is life.

However Ronan isn't just Woody Allen's son, he's also an NBC employee. Because as you may or may not know (since you may or may not have known Ronan before this week), he's the host of a new talk show on MSNBC that's set to launch very soon. Yes, in addition to being the son of famous people, he's also an incredibly smart and talented young man. Hence why we included him on our 25 Most Crushable Guys under 25 list back in the fall. In exchange for getting a platform to talk for several minutes in a row, Ronan has to abide by network rules. And network rules pretty much say that you can not trash talk your own network. According to Radar Online's source — who may or may not be Mr. NBC himself — he's going to have to start watching what he tweets from now on. Unless, of course, NBC changes their employee twitter policy to make it okay for people to point out when the network's honoring men who've gotten accused of molesting their children. In the meantime, we'll just have to count on Ronan's other father to deliver his more controversial messages.

(Photo: Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews)