The Trailer For The New Romeo And Juliet Is Here, And Thou Shalt Watch It

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The Trailer For The New Romeo and Juliet Is Here  And Thou Shalt Watch It Romeo and Juliet jpg
If you've ever wondered what Brody from Homeland, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl and Paul Giamatti from all those Paul Giamatti movies would look like acting in a Shakespeare adaptation from the creator of Downton Abbey, then boy oh boy is today your lucky day. There's a trailer for the latest adaptation of Romeo and Juliet gracing the Internet with its presence.

Another adaptation of this story should arguably be low on filmmakers' list of priorities, since most of of us either read the play in high school or saw the spectacular 1996 Baz Luhrmann adaptation starring pre-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio and early-cryface Claire Danes. Or we just watched the masterpiece that was the Romeo and Juliet episode of Wishbone. But when the new adaptation is from the same mind that brought us Downton Abbey and stars the aforementioned actors in supporting roles, you gotta give it a chance.

To be fair, Downton's Julian Fellowes didn't direct the movie. He only produced and wrote it, and the writing part is kind of a stretch since we all know William Shakespeare has dibs on that credit… and he's kind of famous for it. But let's overlook that pesky little detail for now.

The movie features True Grit's Oscar-nominated star Hailee Steinfeld as an age-appropriate Juliet and Douglas Booth (I don't know either) as her Romeo. Ed Westwick and his long black wig are Tybalt, which is pretty much the role he was born to play. And he'll get to use his authentic English accent after six years of flawlessly playing American. Damian Lewis is Juliet's father, and Paul Giamatti is his usual wild-eyed self as Friar Lawrence. I mean, I know it's no drag queen Mercutio or Hawaiian-shirted Leo, but that's a pretty stellar cast.

The trailer promises that the movie will be classy and British and full of tights and swordplay. It's an authentic period adaptation of the play, unlike Joss Whedon's upcoming contemporary take on Much Ado About Nothing, which pretty much stars everyone who's ever been in a Joss Whedon project ever.

Thou shalt watch the trailer below, and thou shalt also await an American release date. Or thou shalt travel to the U.K. and see it on July 26. Thou art able to make thine own decisions.