13 Rom-Com Relationships That Get Serious Way Too Fast

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Ron Burgundy That Escalated Quickly


A staple of rom-coms is the fact that there are always these ridiculously unrealistic relationships portrayed. Actually, that's more like the entire book spine rather than just a single staple. But you get my drift. There are meet-cutes like you, yourself, have never seen on a busy city street in real life. There are breakups so dramatic that they should be nominated for little fictional Academy Awards. And, most of all, there are relationship timelines that enter some alternate universe vortex where everything moves at, like, 10x speed.

Seriously, so many rom-com love stories escalate so quickly that I find myself concerned for the characters physically and emotionally. “Are her friends just going to let her leave that club alone with that stranger,” I'm always asking out-loud, but of no one in particular. “Isn't showing up unannounced everywhere that this girl you met two days ago goes considered sort of illegal,” I write in my journal each night. It's wild.

Because, basically, I can't be fooled by montages and other fancy folk time-lapse sequences. I know that these characters are all falling head over heels faster than most people get their heads over their shoulders. Like, these 13, for example.

1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days


You guys! Her goal was to both get and lose a guy in ten days. Whereas the normal person deals with something closer to How To Lose A Guy In 10-Ish Months, Unless You Count Breaks, Then It's Around 13.

2. Overboard

Overboard Closet


These two go from a maintenance worker and his terrible boss to kidnapper/ee in no time. Not to mention that they then go from that, to actual participants in a (very ill-advised) mutual relationship fairly soon after that.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Crazy Mila Kunis Forgetting Sarah Marshall


NO, no one in the history of ever has come out the other end of a mopey vacation in love and happy. Stop it.

4. She's All That

She's All That Your Eyes


This movie is responsible for all subsequent movie creators believing that a romance could possibly come out of a short-term bet. SIX WEEKS, this one was. That's only one and a half periods.

5. The Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Kiss


I get that they all bonded in a way that no detention students ever have before and that Claire was rich as hell and blah blah blah. BUT we can all agree that giving Bender her not-cubic-zirconia-but-real-deal-diamond earring is over the top and extreme, right? Was it love? WAS IT?

6. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman Laugh


Just as a refresher, Edward initially hires Vivian for a single, solitary week. Do you know what I get done in one week? Laundry. That's it.

7. The Spectacular Now

Spectacular Now Glad I Met You


It only took Sutter and Aimee a handful of weeks to do all of the following: fall in love, have sex for the first time, and decide to go to prom together. Wooooh.

8. Love Actually

Love Actually


Every single love that blossomed in this movie is a sham because it began taking place one month before Christmas and ended on — you guessed it— Christmas.

9. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise Diner


These two spent exactly one day together and formed a bond so intimate that you'd think they'd have gone on to have a long-lasting marriage. Oh wait, they did.

10. The Proposal 

The Proposal Marry Me


Margaret and Andrew go from boss and employee who hates her to engaged couple in a short five or so minutes. Riveting stuff.

11. Knocked Up

Knocked Up Force You


Alison gets pregnant from a one-night stand, decides to keep her brand new fetus, and forces herself to fall in love with the gross Ben. Isn't everyone glad that abortion is just a myth?

12. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook Opened Up


Neither Pat nor Tiffany could wait to start letting their deepest, darkest demons spill out in front of the other person. It's sort of an extreme version of the piece of advice, “be yourself from the beginning of a relationship.”

13. Her

Her Dancing


I'd wager to say that it's always “too quick” when you're talking about falling in love with a computer. But this time in particular, because I'm 99% sure that he was sold the second that Scarlett Johansson started speaking to him all seductive-like.