16 of Your Favorite Romantic-Comedy Couples, Re-Imagined

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Regardless of how the the meet-cute is orchestrated, how many times it rains at a pivotal moment, the number of people they hurt on their quest to be together, 99.9% (a rough estimate) of romantic comedies all have one thing in common: the boy and the girl end up together in the end.

But what if we split all those couples up and sent them to a singles mixer? They’re all perfectly quirky, damaged-but-fixable, attractive people — they would still find love. No question.

Be honest: everyone loves a classic romantic comedy. (In movie form or by book!) You don’t even have to be embarrassed about it — we're all the same.

Though there are way too many couples from movies like Love Actually to fix them all up with others (not to mention that most of those couples we can't even with.), there are plenty of romantic comedies to choose from.

So here are everyone’s favorite leading lads and ladies… if they ended up with the lovers from another movie.