24 Rom-Coms That Could Make Anybody A Hopeless Romantic

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Movies can make you laugh or they can make you cry. Although, if you're watching a romantic comedy, you're bound to do both. Rom-coms have a way of bringing out the inner hopeless romantic in everyone with their wit and charm. They can even have you wishing that your own relationships will have a fairytale ending.

No matter how hard you try to fight the “happily ever after” feeling, after watching a good rom-com your heart will most definitely melt into a puddle. From the mushiest love stories of them all to the ones that will make you laugh out loud for a full 90 minutes, here are 24 feel-good rom-coms sure to make you feel butterflies inside — no matter if you're a hopeless romantic or not.

1. Love Jones

New Line Cinema

This '90s classic completely embodies what it means to DTR (define the relationship). In Chicago, Darius, a charming poet, begins dating Nina, a photographer. While trying to decide if they're just friends or a little more, the two begin to bond over their shared creative interests. But, of course their budding romance is thrown for a loop with the return appearance of Nina's ex.