The Uncensored Version Of The Robin Williams Joke From His Emmy Tribute Is Heartbreakingly Hilarious

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Robin Williams 1986 stand up special Live at the MetIf you were as touched as I was by the Robin Williams in memoriam segment of the Emmys last night, prepare yourself to laugh through your tears as you watch the uncensored version of the joke that the montage ended with. Somehow the addition of the profanity makes it even more hilariously heartbreaking.

I'm an emotional person, but I'm usually able to hold it together for the in memoriam section of an award show. I hear the sad violin start, and I grit my teeth and get ready to stuff down all the emotion. But I was no match for it last night. I was shaky as soon as Sara Bareilles started singing, and by the time it was just Robin's face up on the screen and I heard the tremor in Billy Crystal‘s voice as he began to honor his late friend, I knew I was in trouble.

The tears started flowing midway through the video of Robin's standup routines and appearances on late night shows, and I legitimately couldn't breathe when they ended with that moment where Robin plays out both sides of a conversation between himself and his then-three year old son Zach, and he leaves the stage as Zach, putting his hand up to hold hands with an invisible adult whom he trusts implicitly to protect him. UGH. You guys. I'm tearing up right now just thinking about it.

And the only antidote for that feeling is to watch the original version from Robin's 1986 stand-up special Live At The Met, because while you'll still be crying, you'll also be laughing through your snot bubbles at the absolutely perfect punchline he drops at the end. It comes from a long build-up that he starts at 55:35, and follows up with at the very end of the video.

Full discloslure, this only makes his incredible loss more painful, but you really should watch it, because it's hilarious and he says ‘fuck' a lot in a little kid's voice. And if we can't laugh at that, then what's the point, really?