Norm MacDonald Tweets A Touching Robin Williams Story That Will Make You Cry

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Norm MacDonald 2011

Ever since the news of Robin Williams' death, social media has been inundated with stories from loved ones and fans alike about what the actor meant to each individual, whether they met him personally or not. They've been touching and heartbreaking and powerful. One of the most powerful ones so far has come from comedian Norm MacDonald, who tweeted a story about Robin early this morning that amounted to a eulogy. He did something similar for both Elaine Stritch and James Garner after their deaths.

In a series of tweets, Norm recalls his first experience on Letterman as a young stand-up and his encounter with Robin backstage. I got quite misty-eyed reading it, especially at the end, so you might want to grab the tissues before you start, if you haven't already.

So you know how I said this got me “misty-eyed” before? Well, in the process of embedding those tweets and taking each piece of the story one by one, that mist turned into a waterfall. Everything from the story itself — such a lovely, simple summary of the kind of personality that endeared Robin to the public — to the way Norm repeats that Robin was the “funniest man” over and over, to that heartwrenching ending, had my tear ducts working overtime.

It's clear that this man had an impact on a lot of people, both in the industry and out of it. It's touching and tragic to see such an outpouring of admiration and fond memories in the midst of this very sad loss, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of stories like this in the coming days. Which means I'll probably need to buy more tissues.

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