This Photo Of Robin Thicke Grabbing A Girl’s Butt Is The New Da Vinci Code

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Robin Thicke grabbing girl's butt Twitter

Everyone put away all your bulletin boards devoted to cracking the code of Miley Cyrus' VMAs performance. There's a new conspiracy theory in town, and it needs our attention. Look at the picture to the left. Just a regular photo of Robin Thicke posing with a fan, right? Are you sure about that? Don't you want to get your magnifying glass out, maybe look for secret messages? Take a looksy at the left side of the photo, where Robin and the girl are reflected in a mirror. What's going on back there? Okay, I'll stop being so mysterious and tell you that he's grabbing her butt. OR IS HE?

Yes, much like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot or North West, the Internet is trying its hardest to determine whether this photo, which was tweeted to Robin's wife Paula Patton, really shows what it seems to show. E! declares it has a “Magic Eye effect.” Perez Hilton hopes beyond hope that it's photoshopped. Other sites have thrown up their hands and decided he must be cheating on his wife. Why must love die?! What do I think, you ask? Obviously I won't make a final decision until I consult with Tom Hanks. Ever since he cracked the Da Vinci code he's been my go-to guy for debunking — or bunking — conspiracy theories. If he's not available, I might give the Myth Busters a call. Need a closer look to really decide for yourself? Lucky for you I went all CSI and zoomed in on the hand in question.

Robin Thick closeup

Yeah, that's looking pretty incriminating. I might not even need Tom Hanks after all. Unless two people dressed like them posed back there at the exact moment this photo was taken, recreating the camera flash on the other side of the room, I'd say what we're seeing is what it looks like. I mean, it's not like Robin isn't known for getting up close and personal with ladies who aren't his wife. You might have heard of a little video called “Blurred Lines.” So far Paula hasn't commented on the photo, probably because I'd imagine she's too busy trying to banish every GIF of Miley Cyrus grinding on her husband's crotch from the Internet. Imagine the added controversy if the hand in this photo had a foam finger on it.

(Photo: Twitter)