Robert Pattinson Admits He And Kristen Stewart Still Talk, So All Is Not Lost

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson laughing GIFI hope all you Robsten enthusiasts are sitting down, because I have some very excellent news for you merry band of optimists — Robert Pattinson just admitted that he and his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart are still in touch!


Aren't you glad you were sitting down? Imagine you'd been standing up when I'd revealed there was still hope for Robsten — you could've flown into a million pieces of excitement and gone rocketing around the world, trumpeting the joyful news. Much safer if you're in a chair.

This triumphant revelation came about during a recent conversation that Rob had with The Hollywood Reporterpresumably to promote his film Maps To The Starswhich just premiered at Cannes. Amid the typical interview questions about Twilight and the movies that Rob has done since was buried a delightful little nugget containing all of our future hopes and dreams. When the interviewer asked whether he and Kristen were still in touch, Rob responded:

“Oh, yeah.”

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. He wasn't interested in talking about the state of their relationship beyond that, but who cares, because we got what we came for. They're in touch, you guys! They talk! And if they talk, doesn't that mean they could also reminisce? “Oh, yeah.” And couldn't they also start to wishing things were back the way they were? “Oh, yeah.” And couldn't their lips accidentally touch and send all the feelings whizzing back as sparks flew and fireworks exploded and the music swelled?? “OH YEAH.”

I don't know what any of your plans are today, Twi-hards, but I'ma need you to initiate Parent Trap sequence in T-minus RIGHT THE HELL NOW. Let's get these two crazy kids back together.

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