Robert Pattinson Totally Read Fifty Shades Of Grey Back When It Was A Twilight Fanfic

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Robert Pattinson read Fifty Shades of Grey when it was Twilight fanfic Master of the Universe GIF interview E.L. James Stephenie Meyer pervert video

This is the most emotion I've seen from Robert Pattinson in a long time, and it's all thanks to Twilight fanfiction. When chatting with MTV News' goofy After Hours show about Breaking Dawn, Part 2, Rob admitted that yes, he has read fanfic for the series that made him famous. In fact, he read one story in particular. “I read a bit of the Fifty Shades of Grey one,” he told MTV News, “before it was Fifty Shades of Grey. Master of the Universe!”

Translation: Robert Pattinson totally Googled himself years ago and decided to read this BDSM porn fic.

I wonder if he also stumbled upon all the dirty fan art starring him and girlfriend Kristen Stewart? This story tickles me because it means that Rob read Master of the Universe before fanfiction author Snowqueens Icedragon renamed herself E.L. James and actually made a buck off her fanfic. He sought it out on his own, and likely was flattered by all of the fans ruminating on what Edward is like with a riding crop.

When I first started reading fanfiction around 2000, it was a common dream of the writers that the characters being depicted in these stories would someday stumble upon the work written about them. Thanks to the internet and content like Fifty Shades becoming a publishing phenomenon, fanfiction authors of a decade ago finally get their wish. Plus, it's cute that Rob is such a good sport about it. Then again, he also admitted to MTV News that Twilight author Stephenie Meyer is “a little bit of a perv” for writing all these vampire/human sexual politics in the first place. I imagine that once you spend four years playing up the sexual tension on the big screen, you have a healthy appreciation for your horny fanbase.

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