Despite (Or Because Of) His Relationship Drama, Robert Pattinson’s New Movie Has Been Greenlighted

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What is Robert Pattinson thinking inside that big, beautiful, chiseled head of his? I'd like to think he's happy his fakelationship with Kristen Stewart is over, as well as his obligation to act in terrible vampire movies. But even if he's actually super sad about K-Stew, he's got to be happy that his new film has just been greenlighted in the midst of all of it all. Or maybe…because of the midst of it all. You heard me.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “The Rover,” in which Pattinson is set to star, has been greenlighted to start production. Described as a “futuristic Western,” the movie sounds like it has the potential to be violent, weird, and fun:

Set in the Australian desert, the futuristic western tells the story of Eric, who has left everything, everyone and every semblance of human kindness behind him, as he’s forced to join an injured gang member, Rey, to hunt down Rey’s gang after they steal the last of Eric’s possessions.

It's entirely possible that the timing of this announcement is a coincidence, but I think it's also possible that this is the first of many, many good things that will happen to R-Patz as a result of his split from K-Stew. And maybe they planned it this way all along. If the cheating revelation was designed to get K-Stew out of a career she hated, maybe it was also designed to help Rob with a career he actually likes? In that way, it'd be a win-win. I hope the two are high-fiving over this news somewhere right now.

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