Robert Pattinson Gets Bored Of Making Mediocre Movies, Decides To Make Mediocre Music Instead

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Robert Pattinson Gets Bored Of Making Mediocre Movies  Decides To Make Mediocre Music Instead Robert Pattinson arm wave gif

Robert Pattinson simply can’t decide what he wants to do. Should he break up with his girlfriend Kristen Stewart? Should he get back together with her so they can promote their movie? Should he star in a good movie for once or should he stick to crappy ones instead? Should he create his hairstyle by sleeping on the left or the right side of the bed? Decisions, decisions. The latest decision he has to make is whether he wants to make a name for himself as a lukewarm actor or a lukewarm singer. If you believe Hollywood Life, he’s leaning toward the singing.

According to a source, Rob hopes to make it in the music industry. It’s what he’s wanted to do all along, if only that annoying job as a the star of a multi-million-dollar movie franchise hadn’t gotten in the way:

“Rob loves acting, but his real passion is music. He’s eager to record a solo album when he finishes up his film commitments,” an insider tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Last year, he started working with one of the top songwriters in the industry. They hope to produce and record a hit single when they are finished, along with an entire album as well.”

If I had a nickel for every time an extremely wealthy movie star decided that being an extremely wealthy actor was just their day job while they work towards their “real passion” — music, writing, directing, producing, modeling, opening a restaurant, running for public office, having a family, designing clothes, going to college, mud-wrestling, hunting for aliens, keeping up with the Kardashians — I would probably be just as rich as an extremely wealthy actor.

I know what you’re thinking and probably what you’re about to comment in all-caps below: ROBERT PATTINSON CAN SING HE HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS!!! Okay, okay, so Robert Pattinson isn’t not a singer. I didn’t say he was a singer, I just said he’s not not a singer. He’s played plenty of ditties on the guitar (see below), and I can almost understand what lyrics he’s singing. It’s very impressive, although I would prefer he just record a whole album singing drunk karaoke with Katy Perry. I’d listen to the shit out of that.

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