Robert Pattinson Says His Breaking Dawn Kissing Noises Aren’t Sexy, Millions Of Screaming Girls Disagree

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The publicity tour for Breaking Dawn: Vampire Sexxx continues to move along nicely with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doing interviews on every single television show. While Kristen Stewart went on Jay Leno last night, Robert Pattinson stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about his feelings toward the Lily Ledbetter Act. And by Lily Ledbetter Act, I mean the final installment of The Twilight Saga that premieres on November 16th.

Toward the end of the interview, Jimmy Kimmel plays a clip from the movie where Edward kisses Bella. Rather than wax poetic on this Robsten-made moment, Rob focuses on the fact that his kissing noises in the movie sound like he's “walking around in wellies…I don't understand, literally my lip's like a vacuum.”

While most women would hear this and turn away in disgust, his fans just cheer even louder. “YES! VACUUM LIPS!!!” is what they seem to say with each high-pitched squeal, “WE'LL DO ANYTHING FOR A TASTE OF YOUR VACUUM LIPS! DON'T EVEN CLEAN THE VACUUM BAG! WE WANT THEM THE WAY THEY ARE RIGHT NOW!!”

When the first Twilight premiered four years ago, no one knew Robert Pattinson. (Except for Potterheads who dreamed of doing the dirty with Cedric Diggory.) Now his fans are so obsessed with him that they're all wellies, all the time.

Well done, R.Pattz. You've reached the illustrious point of your career where you can say whatever you want about yourself and know that nothing's too much of a turn off to lose your fans! So I guess the only thing left is to talk about how your sex scenes sounds like a Swiffer getting stuck in the dishwasher.

(GIF: We Heart Pattinson)