New Interview With Kristen Stewart Proves That This Publicity Stunt Is Her Way Of Giving Hollywood The Middle Finger

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Kristen Stewart may not hate acting, but she certainly hates Hollywood. Her latest interview with Little White Lies magazine not only reminds us how much disdain she has for the Hollywood scene, but also for her fellow actors. When the news first broke that she got caught openly cheating on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders by a perfectly-positioned paparazzi, I got suspicious. How could an actress who's so aware of her popularity and so invested in her privacy get photographed kissing another man at a popular location.

Almost immediately, I thought this entire scandal reeked of a PR stunt and as anyone who's been to Crushable in the past month knows, I'm a blogger possessed. Yes, I'm obsessed with figuring out every last detail about how planned it, who knew about it and who's making money off of it. So far everything's going to the plan I envisioned in my head.

In case you need a quick reminder of everyone who's profited from this publicity stunt, let me run through it for you.

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross now have name reconigition. People care who they are, what they're working on and where they're going. Everyone's talking about Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart, on an almost daily basis. Cosmopolis did wonderfully in the box office despite lackluster reviews and everyone's discussing On The Road's premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Not to mention that people are already talking about how the drama between the heartbroken couple will unfold at the Breaking Dawn: Part 2 red carpet. This is the kind of publicity that movies dream about and it's all happening for free. Right now, take a moment and think about the last time you cared about the red carpet at a movie premiere.

And all this comes with the wonderful addition of a whole lot of women-on-woman hatred for Kristen Stewart. While I don't think anyone anticipated that level of vitriol to result from the stunt, I also don't think it's going to ultimately affect her Hollywood career.

Mostly because I don't think she cares about her career anymore. Sure, she may love acting, but if she doesn't love everything that goes along with it — interviews, award shows, paparazzi, etc — then she can't last in the field. Here's the quote that has me convinced that she's quitting Hollywood. That we should consider this last publicty spree her two weeks notice.

In Hollywood, with great power comes…great parties. But here’s the reason why you wont see Stewart following Lindsay Lohan into the starlet scrapyard. Through some crazy accident, indie actress got bitten by a radioactive franchise and gained special powers. They won’t last forever. But while they do…”It’s weird to be in this position of, like…” She sighs, checking herself. “Not to sound fucking crazy, but ‘financial prowes’. I feel bad about it. I feel like you need to do something. I made Welcome to the Rileys [in which Stewart played a young woman with emotional issues] a few years back and now I want to open two halfway houses, one in New Orleans and one in LA, and I want to make a documentary about why it’s important. But all this ridiculously empty charity work that you see? Like, you show up at an event and you wear a dress and you auction your dress off and you suddenly feel important. I want to do it right. Right now, I just feel it. It’s not to be wasted. Because I know my value is fucking strong.”

Do you see what I'm seeing? Not only does she acknowledge her awareness of her power in Hollywood (as in she would never accidentally get caught cheating), but she makes it clear how she feels about the shallowness of the Hollywood scene. She wants to do something bigger and better than smiling at charity events and telling people who she's wearing at award shows. And I respect her a lot for that. Good for her to use her powers for good and not for new bags.

Good for her to fuck with Hollywood one last time by pulling off one of the elaborate publicity stunts I've ever witnessed. Think of this entire scandal as a giant middle finger. As a way of telling Hollywood she'll narrate her own story. She'll dictate the headlines and she'll write the script. You can follow her around all you want, but at the end of the day she holds all the power in this stunt. She's the person who can keep it going or let it fall apart — and I think that's an incredibly bold way to quit a job.

Bravo K.Stew, this is your best performance yet.