Stop Whatever You Are Doing And Watch Katy Perry And Robert Pattinson Do Drunk Karaoke

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robert pattinson drinking water

I don't know what we owe the Internet gods for surfacing this 2008 video of Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson doing drunk karaoke, but probably everything plus a few first borns. Seriously, I could listen to them sing “I'll Make Love to You” over and over and over again. Especially Rob, he's schwasted and slurring and embarrassing himself more than a freshman trying to be cool by ordering an appletini with a fake ID. Wait? What? I'm the only one who thought ordering an appletini would throw the bartenders off my trail? “That's a grown-up drink guys! If we order that or like a mudslide, we're totally made in the over-21 shade!”

According to Hypable, R.Pattz is celebrating Twilight being a huge hit. And Katy Perry is celebrating an idea she had in the bathroom to turn her boobs into whipped cream canisters. Either that or she just kissed a girl and liked it. It's 2008, so those are the only possible two things that she could be be happy about it.

The best part of this video for me (and I assure you it was hard to pick the best part) is that Rob's actually celebrating Twilight's success. Fast forward a few years and he's literally taking his pants off in interviews and sharting all over the franchise and its fans. So it's actually kinda sweet to see him happy about the movie that made him a household name AND a millionaire. It's also kinda sweet to see that everyone — celebs and normals alike — look like drunken idiots when they're doing karaoke.

(GIF: Tumblr)