Robert Pattinson Is Intimidated By Taylor Lautner’s Body In Twilight

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You would think that Robert Pattinson wouldn't have much to worry about, looks-wise, since he currently embodies every teenage girl's (and many adult women's) daydream. It would follow, then, that his long-awaited sex scene with real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart in Breaking Dawn, Part 1 was a cinch to shoot, right?

Nope—and not because the fans have incredibly high expectations for the scene where Bella finally loses her virginity and Edward breaks the bed. In August, Robert told the German magazine TV Movie that his real fear is that he won't match up to his Twilight co-star/on-screen rival Taylor Lautner:

TV Movie: Be honest: Was the film sex difficult for you?

Rob: Oh yes! I felt really uncomfortable.

TV Movie: Too many people on set?

Rob: No, a fear had rather something to do with Taylor and his fantastic body. Jacob, as a werwolf, has bared all already in the last two films. And to be honest, I can’t keep up with him.

He's right: Jacob's body has become a mythical thing, known to incite gasps when he just raises his arms and full-out screams and applause when he rips off his shirt. The producers smartly planted those seeds early in the first Twilight film — when Taylor Lautner was still gawky and in danger of losing his job if he didn't bulk up in time for the sequel — so that now every new shirtless scene builds upon the last.

In contrast, I can remember only one time when Robert went shirtless — in New Moon, above — and it wasn't that sexy. Rob's got the deck stacked against him: That chalky white vampire makeup, and the fact that he was trying to kill himself by stepping out into sunlight in Rome. Suicidal shirtlessness won't get the ladies excited as much as “I just got Bella's wedding invitation and I'm so enraged” shirtlessness.

But let's be honest: No matter if he looks scrawny or like he was locked in a closet compared to Taylor's healthier, more chiseled physique, Rob will win out because the fans will be watching Edward and Bella do it. And in the world of Twilight, that's the sexiest thing of all.