Robert Downey Jr. Gets His Meme On By ‘Tebowing’ At The Oscars

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Robert Downey Jr. Tebowing Oscars Twitter

Sadly, Robert Downey Jr. does not have a Twitter account; we bet that Iron Man could come up with some pithy witticisms and would amass millions of followers. However, he's not entirely out of the loop: As this photo from Busted Coverage illustrates, RDJ knows his internet memes.

However, it's not clear what exactly possessed the Avengers star to Tebow at last night's Oscars. (You don't have to worry about him getting into trouble at the after parties, since this photo is from the ceremony.) Was he trying to appeal to the kids? Is he just a huge Denver Broncos fan?

Of course, Twitter users are already snarking on RDJ for doing a move that's “so yesterday.” And to be fair, I think it would fit his sense of humor more to do some horsemaning. With his Avengers co-star Chris Hemsworth, of course.

Tim Tebow, who does have a Twitter, has not yet reported on the homage.